1988: Erik and Christine Maes founded the company ‘BEMA SPRL’ with a view to selling olives in plastic dishes. Initially, the company produced around 200 such dishes per day. Two years later, they moved into a 400 m2 workshop and installed an automatic packaging line.

1991: The company and the Gembloux University Faculty of Agronomic Sciences developed the first range of olives in modified atmosphere packaging (without oil or brine). The ‘fresh olives’ concept was born and was presented at the SIAL (International Food Fair) in Paris a few months later.

1993: The company Père Olive was established and began marketing its products in the Netherlands, its first export customer.

1995: Having grown still further, Père Olive moved into a new 900 m² plant in Seilles.

1996: A new product range was launched: spreads.

2004: Père Olive innovated once again, introducing ‘Olidips’: a dish of Italian biscuits and a dish of tapenade clipped together.

2007: After extending its initial premises many times, Père Olive had a new 22,000 m² plant built on the Seilles industrial estate.

2011: The Menissez family joined Père Olive as the majority shareholder.

2016: The company was integrated into the Labeyrerie Fine Foods group, with which it shares a passion for authentic products and quality.

The company now produces as many as 100,000 dishes per day, is present in around fifteen countries (mainly in the EU, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, etc.) and employs no fewer than 130 workers.