The packaging

Since 2007, all Père Olive dishes have been made of 50% recycled PET (rPET) from the selective sorting of water bottles.

Heat recovery

When the current site was built in 2007, special attention was paid to energy savings. Père Olive has a heat recovery facility, among other things, which uses the power given off by its refrigerators to heat 120 m³ of water per day.

So Père Olive does not use any energy to produce hot water.

Water processing

The industrial water is pre-processed at the Père Olive site before being sent to the Andenne purification plant.


Stringent waste management efforts have been made for several years. These efforts include measures taken in partnership with suppliers in order to reduce incoming packaging waste as much as possible and advanced sorting, constantly adapting to progress in recycling techniques.

The volume of waste per dish has therefore fallen by almost 20% in four years and over 60% of the waste is currently sorted and reused.