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Background history

The Père Olive adventure began in the home of Christine Beckers and Erik Maes, when in 1988 they founded the private limited company BEMA sprl. At that point, Mr and Mrs Maes stopped selling olives in bulk to hypermarkets and turned to the production of olives in plastic dishes, initially producing some 200 such dishes per day. Two years later, the company had moved into a 400 m² shop at Thon Samson where it installed an automatic packaging line.

Père OliveIn 1991, the company and the Gembloux University Faculty of Agronomic Sciences developed the first line of olives in modified atmosphere packaging (without oil or brine). The concept of “Fresh Olives” came into being and was unveiled at the “Salon International de l’Alimentation” (SIAL) [International Food Fair] in Paris a few months later.

On 31 March 1993, the company Père Olive was created, which would hence market its products in the Netherlands, its first export client. As the activities of Père Olive grew, a new 900 m2 plant soon had to be built in Seilles (Andenne).

In 1996, Brigitte Wergifosse, a chemical and agricultural engineer joined the company to introduce a quality system and a production management system. She would go on to make a sizeable contribution to the expansion of Père Olive’s activities. Two new products were launched (like the Tapenades and Tomanade) and the plant was enlarged on several occasions.

A few years later, in 2004, Père Olive launched another innovation: the “Olidips,” a dish of Italian biscuits and a dish of “chopped” tapenade, sold together.

Père Olive

In May 2007, a new 22 000 m2 plant was commissioned in the Seilles industrial estate (Andenne).

Père Olive

The company currently produces about 80,000 olive dishes per day and is present in some twenty countries.


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